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  1. michael

    Getting from iPad to Apple tv

    Apple TV does not support VPN. You basically have 3 options: Use a VPN router. (Best option.) Use a SmartDNS. (Work for a limited number of services only. Not sure about IMDB.) Use a proxy. (This is a bit complicated. You would need to make a special profile with the Apple Configurator on macOS.)
  2. michael

    Getting from iPad to Apple tv

    There are two potential problems here: 1. The VPN on the iPad may be blocking access to your local network and the Apple TV. (This is rare, but some VPN apps might do this.) 2. The application you're using may not be sending video to the Apple TV, but instead handing off the necessary...
  3. michael

    Can't find OpenConnect app

    If you're running Android 10, you won't find it as the current version does not work on Android 10: github issue 51. The app hasn't been updated for more than 4 years, so I wouldn't get my hopes up. (There's an unofficial build which uses a much newer version of openconnect here: openconnect...
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    This post may be updated if necessary. For now we'll keep it simple: Stay on topic. Keep it civil. No trolling. No self-promotion. No commercial solicitation, except in the Promotions forum.
  5. michael

    Download VPNGUI

    Download from the Official VPNGUI Website.
  6. michael

    Download Tunnelblick

    Download from the Official Tunnelblick Website.
  7. michael

    Welcome to VPN forums!

    Welcome to VPN forums! This forum is brand new. Please don't let the lack of messages deter you from asking your question here. We'll try to answer it best we can. As there are hundreds of VPN services we've not created a sub-forum for each and every one of them. Feel free to request a forum...
  8. michael

    Download Shadowsocks for Android

    Download the app: Google Play GitHub