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Software Versions​

We recommend you keep your VPN apps updated at all times. Old versions may continue to work for a while, but they do eventually break.

The following apps are expected to break in the near future:

  • Shadowscale: 2.2.6 and older will stop working completely. Use Shadowscale 2.2.7 or newer.
  • VPNGUI: 1.9.7 and older will fail to use WEB mode. Use VPNGUI 1.9.8 or newer if you use WEB mode.

If you use other VPN apps, and they work today, you don't have to change anything.

New Connection Types​

If you use VPNGUI, v2RayNG, ShadowRocket, OpenWRT or Linux, you may have noticed some new connection types, such as XTLS and gRPC.

XTLS appears to work very well in China, with some users reporting speeds of over 1000Mbps. If you haven't already, give it try.

Add More Servers​

This is not new, but I think many of you are not aware of this feature:

On the Servers page of our website there's an Add more function where you can add up to 5 more servers, free of charge.