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If you're in China and experience issues, please read these instructions. The instructions below resolve 99% of all issues our users in China may experience.

App choice​

Use one of the following VPX apps:

Other VPX apps, including the Chrome plugin and OpenConnect will not work properly in China. Please delete them. They will never work again.

For all apps: login to our website, click Setup and go from there. Do not search for the apps on Google or in the App Store as this may lead to fake apps.

Server list updates​

We update our server list every hour. It's important that you refresh the server list at least once, every morning.

The app will try to update the server list automatically, but if it fails, please do it manually. There is an Update server list or Update subscription option in each of the apps mentioned.

In VPNGUI you see a Configuration date telling you when the server list was last updated.

In the other apps, each server is followed by a date code. For example, today you should see 221129 in v2rayNG or 20221129 in ShadowScale in each of the server names.

Server choice​

US servers work best. Los Angeles has the best connections to China, which is why we added many US Los Angeles server choices.

Remember that you can additional servers to your account using our Add more servers feature.