Getting from iPad to Apple tv


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A real beginner question. I have vpn installed on my iPad. When I try to send the signal via AirPlay to my Apple TV. Is does not work. I am using an Airport Extreme router but if the signal has already passed thru router on the way to my iPad, should it not just go thru Apple TV ?

thanks for any insights you can provide.
There are two potential problems here:

1. The VPN on the iPad may be blocking access to your local network and the Apple TV. (This is rare, but some VPN apps might do this.)
2. The application you're using may not be sending video to the Apple TV, but instead handing off the necessary information for the Apple TV to stream the video directly. If the latter is the case, the Apple TV will need to connect to the VPN too.
Other apps on the iPad go to Apple TV fine. The problem app seems to IMDb. How do I add bob to the Apple TV? My research indicates it does not support bpm?

thank you
Apple TV does not support VPN.

You basically have 3 options:
  1. Use a VPN router. (Best option.)
  2. Use a SmartDNS. (Work for a limited number of services only. Not sure about IMDB.)
  3. Use a proxy. (This is a bit complicated. You would need to make a special profile with the Apple Configurator on macOS.)