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A cache is a store of data that browsers and other applications save while you’re using the
internet. While it’s designed to make websites load faster, too much information saved in a
cache could cause poor performance and slow loading speeds. In this article, we’ll discuss how
to clear a cache in Mozilla Firefox, and explore when and why you should do this.


What is a cache and should you clear it?

What happens when cached data is deleted?

How to delete cache in Mozilla Firefox

On desktop

On Android

On iOS

To understand what a cache is, let’s do a quick exercise. Visit any website you haven’t opened
before and notice how much time it takes to load. Then, try to reload this website. You’ll
probably find that the second time it loaded faster.

When you visit a website for a first time, your browser downloads a bunch of data, including
files, scripts, and images. It stores this data on your device to quickly load the website when
you’re revisiting it.

In short, cached data improves a user’s experience, as websites load faster. However, there are
several cases when we recommend clearing your cache:

You lack storage space on your device.

Your{‘ ‘}

Mozilla Firefox browser
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is sluggish.

You want to get rid of private data collected by your browser for security reasons.

A cache isn’t crucial for the performance of your device or a website you’re trying to open,
therefore you can delete it whenever you want. However, be patient, as it will take more time to
load websites with any empty cache. Once you’ve visited a certain website in Mozilla, the cached
data will be saved again, and everything will work as normal.

If your browser was slow and your computer lagging, clearing your cache might solve this


Click on the three stripes in the top-right corner and select Preferences.

Go to Privacy & Security.

Under{‘ ‘}


{‘ ‘}
and Site Data

, click Clear Data.

Choose the data you want to delete and click Clear.

You may also tick Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed. This
will delete cached data automatically when you close the browser.

Tap the three dots in the bottom-right corner.

Select Settings.

Go to Delete browsing data.

Select the data you want to delete and tap Delete browsing data.

Tap the three stripes in the bottom-right corner.

Tap Settings in the menu panel.

Select Data Management.

Select the type of data that you would like to delete from Firefox.

Tap Clear Private Data and confirm your selection.

There’s no point of clearing your cached data too often, as it will worsen your browsing
experience. However, clearing it from time to time could improve your browser’s performance and
enhance your privacy.

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