ReclaimTheNet Instagram Shuts Down The Account of Presidential Candidate Jill Stein


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The physician and presidential candidate, Jill Stein, has reported through a tweet that her new Instagram account has been disabled by Instagram. Stein had previously lost access to her original account and, after attempting to regain it, she created a new one which has now been disabled.

According to the information provided, Meta has cited violations of community guidelines concerning “account integrity and authentic identity” as the reason for the account’s deactivation.


The image attached to the tweet is a screenshot of the message Stein received from Instagram, informing her of the account’s deactivation and the permanent deletion of her information. The message also states that she cannot request another review of this decision.

Jill Stein’s tweet calls into question Meta’s actions and the broader implications this might have on issues of censorship and the enforcement of social media policies, particularly around presidential candidates. Candidates banned or locked out by Big Tech suffer a disadvantage over those still allowed on social media platforms.

This incident raises concerns about the transparency and consistency of Meta’s policy enforcement, particularly as it relates to high-profile individuals and political figures.

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