Blog Linux: AirVPN Suite 1.2.1 available


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Hello! We're very glad to inform you that AirVPN Suite version 1.2.1 is now available. The suite includes: Bluetit: lightweight, ultra-fast D-Bus controlled system daemon providing full connectivity and integration to AirVPN servers, or generic OpenVPN servers. Bluetit can also enforce Network Lock and/or connect the system to AirVPN during the bootstrap Goldcrest: Bluetit client, allowing full integration with AirVPN servers, users, keys, profiles as well as generic OpenVPN servers Hummingbird: lightweight and standalone binary for generic OpenVPN server connections What's new in 1.2.1 Packages are available both for OpenSSL 3 and OpenSSL 1.1.x (legacy). Pick one according to the version you have in your system. If in doubt, run openssl version command from a terminal. bluetit.rc new directive forbidquickhomecountry to allow or forbid quick connections to home country servers Goldcrest bluetit-status option now shows the status of network lock and connection update of all support libraries, including OpenVPN-AirVPN bug fix: invalid user key label issue. Now, in case an invalid user key label is provided, the proper error is returned Please check the changelog included, as usual, in the packages for detailed information. Download page: User's manual: Bluetit Developer's reference manual: Some notes: for Raspberry OS pick the ARM 64 bit legacy package, because Raspberry OS is based on Debian 11 and uses OpenSSL 1.1.x by default. for old Raspbian operating system and other 32 bit ARM systems pick the ARM 32 bit legacy package for Ubuntu 22 for Raspberry, pick ARM 64 bit mainline package (not legacy) if you run some i686 Linux let us know. You can still run AirVPN Suite 1.10 but if we have requests we can prepare a package for abandoned systems. Link to AirVPN Suite 1.1.0 for i686: sha256 checksum: 6454cafc860ccc89da5da933c5bed279b1e1534a750f4423e6937e4fb84779e1 Kind regards & Datalove AirVPN Staff