Blog macOS: Hummingbird 1.3.0 available


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Hello! We're very glad to inform you that we have just released Hummingbird 1.3.0 for macOS (High Sierra or higher version required). Hummingbird is available natively both for Intel and M1 based Mac computers. Hummingbird is free and open source released under GPLv3: Main features Lightweight and stand alone binary No heavy framework required, no GUI Small RAM footprint Lightning fast Up to 100% higher throughput than OpenVPN 2.5 (on 1 Gbit/s lines) Based on OpenVPN 3 library fork by AirVPN Robust leaks prevention through Network Lock based on pf Proper handling of DNS push by VPN servers What's new linked against the OpenVPN3-AirVPN 3.8.1 library bugs inherited from OpenVPN3 main branch breaking the parser in various circumstances, such as presence of more than one pull-filter directive, have been fixed in OpenVPN3-AirVPN bugs inherited from OpenVPN3 main branch causing explosions when MTU related directive is specified have been fixed in OpenVPN3-AirVPN all libraries and dependencies have been updated Important note for high speed line users Because of some architectural specifications and implementation in macOS, in particular in case of high speed traffic Hummingbird may warn the user about shortage of buffer space, specifically when connected with the UDP. This condition is signaled by Hummingbird with the below messages in the log: UDP send exception: send: No buffer space available ERROR: NETWORK_SEND_ERROR The error is caused by the maximum network sockets size set in macOS, a value usually small and unsuited for modern high speed networks. The solution consists in increasing the maximum allowed size for socket buffers and, in case the problem persists, the number of mbuf clusters. The procedure is simple, please find out all the details in the manual. Open the file with any viewer and search for "SEND_ERROR", or consult the online manual. Download the software here: Kind regards & datalove AirVPN Staff