Update OpenVPN v2.5.7 release


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2022.05.24 -- Version 2.5.7

Antonio Quartulli (4):
networking: use OPENVPN_ETH_ALEN instead of ETH_ALEN
networking_iproute2: don't pass M_WARN to openvpn_execve_check()
t_net.sh: delete dummy iface using iproute command
auth-pam.c: add missing include limits.h

Arne Schwabe (11):
Add insecure tls-cert-profile options
Refactor early initialisation and uninitialisation into methods
Allow loading of non default providers
Add ubuntu 22.04 to Github Actions
Add macos OpenSSL 3.0 and ASAN builds
Add --with-openssl-engine autoconf option (auto|yes|no)
Fix allowing/showing unsupported ciphers and digests
Remove dependency on BF-CBC existance from test_ncp
Add message when decoding PKCS12 file fails.
Translate OpenSSL 3.0 digest names to OpenSSL 1.1 digest names
Fix client-pending-auth error message to say ERROR instead of SUCCESS

Gert Doering (1):
Preparing release 2.5.7

Jan Mikkelsen (1):
cipher-negotiation.rst missing from doc/Makefile.am

Lev Stipakov (5):
vcpkg-ports\pkcs11-helper: shorten patch filename
msvc: adjust build options to harden binaries
vcpkg-ports: remove openssl port
vcpkg: switch to manifest
Fix M_ERRNO behavior on Windows

Marc Becker (1):
vcpkg-ports/pkcs11-helper: bump to release 1.29

Simon Rozman (1):
tapctl: Resolve MSVC C4996 warnings