Update OpenVPN v2.6.1 release


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2023.03.08 -- Version 2.6.1

Arne Schwabe (13):
Fix unaligned access in auth-token
Update LibreSSL to 3.7.0 in Github actions
Add printing USAN stack trace on github actions
Fix LibreSSL not building in Github Actions
Add missing stdint.h includes in unit tests files
Combine extra_tun/frame parameter of frame_calculate_payload_overhead
Update the last sections in the man page to a be a bit less outdated
Add building unit tests with mingw to github actions
Revise the cipher negotiation info about OpenVPN3 in the man page
Exit if a proper message instead of segfault on Android without management
Use proper print format/casting when converting msg_channel handle
Reduce initialisation spam from verb <= 3 and print summary instead
Dynamic tls-crypt for secure soft_reset/session renegotiation

Frank Lichtenheld (8):
Changes.rst: document removal of --keysize
Windows: fix unused function setenv_foreign_option
Windows: fix unused variables in delete_route_ipv6
Windows: fix wrong printf format in x_check_status
Windows: fix unused variable in win32_get_arch
configure: enable DCO by default on FreeBSD/Linux
Windows: fix signedness errors with recv/send
configure: fix formatting of --disable-lz4 and --enable-comp-stub

Gert Doering (2):
Get rid of unused 'bool tuntap_buffer' arguments.
FreeBSD 12.x workaround for IPv6 ifconfig is needed on 12.4 as well

Kristof Provost (3):
options.c: enforce a minimal fragment size
configure: improve FreeBSD DCO check

Lev Stipakov (6):
Allow certain DHCP options to be used without DHCP server
dco-win: use proper calling convention on x86
Improve format specifier for socket handle in Windows
Disable DCO if proxy is set via management
Add logging for windows driver selection process
Avoid management log loop with verb >= 6

Matthias Andree (1):
make dist: Ship ovpn_dco_freebsd.h, too

Selva Nair (9):
block-dns using iservice: fix a potential double free
Conditionally add subdir-objects option to automake
Build unit tests in mingw Windows build
cyryptapi.c: log the selected certificate's name
cryptoapi.c: remove pre OpenSSL-3.01 support
cryptoapi.c: simplify parsing of thumbprint hex string
Option --cryptoapicert: support issuer name as a selector
Add a unit test for functions in cryptoapi.c
Do not save pointer to 'struct passwd' returned by getpwnam etc.