Update OpenVPN v2.6.2 release


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2023.03.24 -- Version 2.6.2

Antonio Quartulli (6):
dco: don't use NetLink to exchange control packets
dco: print version to log if available
dco-linux: remove M_ERRNO flag when printing netlink error message
multi: don't call DCO APIs if DCO is disabled
dco-freebsd: use m->instances[] instead of m->hash
dco-linux: implement dco_get_peer_stats{, multi} API

Arne Schwabe (12):
Set netlink socket to be non-blocking
Ensure n = 2 is set in key2 struct in tls_crypt_v2_unwrap_client_key
Fix memory leaks in open_tun_dco()
Fix memory leaks in HMAC initial packet generation
Use key_state instead of multi for tls_send_payload parameter
Make sending plain text control message session aware
Only update frame calculation if we have a valid link sockets
Improve description of compat-mode
Simplify --compress parsing in options.c
Refuse connection if server pushes an option contradicting allow-compress
Add 'allow-compression stub-only' internally for DCO
Parse compression options and bail out when compression is disabled

Frank Lichtenheld (1):
tests/unit_tests: Fix 'make distcheck' with subdir-objects enabled

Gert Doering (1):
preparing release 2.6.2

Heiko Hund (1):
dns option: allow up to eight addresses per server

Kristof Provost (1):
dco: print FreeBSD version

Lev Stipakov (4):
Support --inactive option for DCO
Fix '--inactive 0' behavior for DCO
Print DCO client stats on SIGUSR2
Don't overwrite socket flags when using DCO on Windows

Michael Baentsch (1):
using OpenSSL3 API for EVP PKEY type name reporting

Selva Nair (8):
Bugfix: Convert ECDSA signature form pkcs11-helper to DER encoded form
Import some sample certificates into Windows store for testing
Add tests for finding certificates in Windows cert store
Refactor SSL_CTX_use_CryptoAPI_certificate()
Add a test for signing with certificates in Windows store
Unit tests: add test for SSL_CTX_use_Cryptoapi_certificate()
Improve error message on short read from socks proxy
Make error in setting metric for IPv6 interface non-fatal