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Why does cold weather make joints ache?

Do joint pain plague you during cold weather?
Do you feel persistence and throbbing pain in your joints during the winter season?
Does your knee hurt more in winter?

Don’t worry and relax; we will answer all your questions about joint pain during cold weather. Joint aches, stiffness, and pains have always been associated with a drip in the weather. However, the exact cause is still unclear on why cold weather makes your joints pain. However, some theories state some reason behind it.

So why does your joint ache during cold weather?

Although there is no exact explanation behind it, most of the research suggests that it’s the barometric pressure that comes into play. The drop in the barometric pressure causes muscles, tendons, and the tissues around it to expand. This change makes your joints pain, especially in people with arthritis.

Even after many studies and research done by scientists on both weather & joint aches, the connection between them is still unclear. Another theory suggested that the liquid around the muscles gets thicker as the temperature drops, making them cause pain.

It might also be because, during winters, people usually tend to move less outside and stay indoors. This makes inactive joints stiff and causes pain.

Now that we know that there ain’t any known connection between Joint aches and cold weather. And cold weather can be uncomfortable and painful for some. However, we can easily compact the with these tips :

Tips to Compact Cold Weather Joint Ache

  • Keep the body moving: One of the most important ways to stay away from joint aches during cold weather is to make sure you keep moving. Try doing exercises that are gentle to your joints like yoga, cardio, brisk walking, etc. Low active level during winter has shown positive effects in making joint aches worse.

  • Avoid gaining winter weight: Winter comes along with weight gain. The cozy and warm indoor makes it difficult for us to move out and exercise. It is timed for a holiday and warm food that fastens up the weight gain process even in winters. This winter, weight gain causes joint pain.

  • Keep yourself Fully covered: If you are the one suffering from arthritis, it’s better to keep your joints fully covered up with clothes. A cold can make your joint fluids thicker, causing them to get stiff and painful.

  • Drink plenty of warm water: It has been seen that drinking plenty of warm water during cold weather keeps your fluids soft. The other reason to drink plenty of water is to make sure you are not dehydrated.

  • Avoid lifting heavy: It’s advisable not to strain your joint by lifting heavyweight, be it in the gym or at home. Let someone allow to do the lifting for you.

  • Eating Healthy: The best way to make your joints strong is to make a habit of eating healthy and nutritious food. Eating goat leg soup has been shown to make you stronger and keep your joints healthy.

  • Use Medication like Oxycontin 60 mg: Oxycontin 60 mg is a potent opioid pain reliever that has shown to be effective in all kinds of joint pain. The doctor usually prescribes Oxycontin 60 mg at the initial states of your joint pain-relieving treatment.

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