Update Tunnelblick 3.8.5beta04 (build 5640)


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Changes from 3.8.5beta03 to 3.8.5beta04

  • Replaces OpenSSL 1.1.1i with 1.1.1j. See OpenSSL Security Advisory 16 February 2021.
  • OpenVPN and Tunnelblick's system extensions run as a native programs on M1 and Intel-64 processors. The Tunnelblick application runs as a native program on Intel-64 processors, and runs under Rosetta 2 on M1 processors.
  • Updates translations.
  • Fixes a problem that caused the Tunnelblick application to crash.
  • Fixes bad links in warnings.

For verifying the disk image:

MD5 = f5d1ada425b52505042fb3cea6b376b4
SHA1 = 5ed46f50fbeb1605c819ebae5795d9a6bfd3faf3
SHA256 = 0b591aa5d989ceb88cb8e7c774f25918778822abf44e317a9a30017d38bc4cc3