Update Tunnelblick 4.0.0beta12 (build 5920)


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Changes from 4.0.0beta11 to 4.0.0beta12 (SECURITY UPDATE)

  • Includes OpenVPN 2.6.8, replacing 2.6.6. See Changes in OpenVPN 2.6.
  • Enables the 'Copy Diagnostic Info to Clipboard' button even if there are no configurations.
  • Always requires administrator authorization to add or modify an OpenVPN configuration file that has an 'client-crresponse' option.
  • Includes OpenVPN 2.4.12, 2.5.9, and 2.6.8 with OpenSSL 1.1.1w, and OpenVPN 2.6.8 with OpenSSL 3.0.12.

For verifying the disk image:

MD5 = 45b2ba8a0621f3d18e85d6533eafae50
SHA1 = 20aa780f0ca8949c3fb892a8531d625294ff992a
SHA256 = 2eb147d258c636b483309cfed93f4d40d9bf5fc2fd8f1e351dc9d7c8072a15e6