VPN w/or without Avast Bank Mode?


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Okay, first of all, be gentle, please. I am not a computer-head -- although I did begin in the age of DOS...

We currently use Avast Bank Mode when conducting any financial transaction. It is SSSSLLLLOOOOOW. Also, It infuriates me to think of the Tech World keeping a record of all our footsteps. So, we are looking at signing up for a year of Nord VPN. My question: can we do away with Avast Bank Mode once we're set up with our VPN, or is it advisable to continue using it, even with the VPN? I have been unable to find this question being addressed in my online searches.

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The two are really incomparable and address different types of attacks.

A VPN creates a secure connection between you and the VPN provider. This means it safeguards against snooping by your Internet provider or anyone on the same (Wi-Fi) network. Think roommates, neighbors that have your Wi-Fi password, public Wi-Fi at Starbucks, shady governments when travelling, etc.

Avast Bank Mode suggests it runs a browser in an "alternate desktop" that "somehow" protects you from malware already present on your own computer. This is a different kind of threat entirely, and is more concerned with you and your computer rather than others on the network. I put "alternate desktop" and "somehow" in quotes there, because the methodologies used to support these claims by Avast are undocumented. It may just be marketing gobbledygook. As such, I would never use Avast Bank Mode myself.

Your bank will probably recommend you not to use VPN and not to use Bank Mode. And that is the correct advice for most people in most scenario's. Your browser already secures your connection to your bank and in most cases that's sufficient.

VPN's and other measures can add security, but they also introduce complexity and new attack vectors. You should use them only when needed. (E.g. when banking from a hotel or otherwise insecure location.)